Our modern midtown office has a friendly atmosphere with legal assistants and interns/externs who work for Lanin Law P.C., a receptionist, and additional staff who work directly for our of-counsel attorneys.

Lanin Law P.C. has a very successful internship program for many years now (referred to as an externship at some schools). Interns are taught litigation skills, contract, real estate, business, foreclosure, and bankruptcy law, court and law office procedures, and practical tips to help them become better lawyers and paralegals in the future. We sponsor internships for paralegals and legal assistants with various schools throughout New York, including paralegal training programs, colleges, universities and law schools. If you are interested in applying for an internship with our firm, please email Attorney Scott Lanin to inquire.  Our internships offer students an excellent learning opportunity to see how a small firm operates. Interns gain hands-on real experience drafting legal documents in word, wordperfect and/or excel and, when the opportunity arises, will actually go to the local courts. Computer skills are required but legal skills are not.  Interns are trained and assisted. We have received very positive feedback from our interns and college and law school placement offices.  Interns find the experience a challenging and rewarding one.  Internships are only available through programs that offer academic credit.   Our interviewing schedule generally coincides with college and law school semesters.  Students receive an evaluation and reference at the conclusion of the internship.  We have also provided recommendations to our interns on linkedin and in law school applications.


I was employed at Lanin Law P.C. for fours years as Scott Lanin’s paralegal [2007-2011].  My time with Lanin Law P.C. was  a wonderful career experience.  I developed skills that can be used across many disciplines.  Mr. Lanin is patient and always willing to teach.  He is an exceptional attorney and his dedication to his clients and employees is admirable.  Mr. Lanin allowed my creativity to flourish and for that I will always be thankful.

Chenelle Jones
Registered Nurse (11/4/15)              > Linkedin Profile

I worked alongside Scott Lanin for 2 years as the firm’s Paralegal [2013-2015]. I will forever be grateful for the professional growth and development he provided me with. Scott is a very knowledgeable attorney, and extremely intelligent. I always admired his professionalism and supportive demeanor towards his clients, his interns and myself.  Scott was not only my employer, he was a teacher and a mentor who was always willing to stop what he was doing to explain, teach or answer any questions I might have. We worked together to figure out the best approach to help our clients with their legal needs.  We would spend countless hours researching and drafting papers and communicating with our clients in hope of attaining the best result for them. He inspired me to reach higher and has been nothing short of supportive with my goal in pursuing a law degree. I will always recommend Lanin Law P.C. to anyone in need of legal representation because I know firsthand that the firm will work hard to deliver results.

Mabel Jimenez (11/3/15)
Pace Law School, Law Review, January 2018
Assistant District Attorney, Bronx County (as of June 2018)

It has been a pleasure working with you.  I am grateful for all that you taught me as a paralegal.  Thank you again for the opportunity to work for Lanin Law P.C.  I wish you and the future of the firm much growth and success.

Diana DiDomenico (12/16/15)
Legal Operations Coordinator, NYC Division of Consumer Affairs


Thank you so much for the opportunity to intern with you this summer. I have truly enjoyed my first foray into the legal world, and this experience has further solidified my desire to be a lawyer. I am now going back to school, and future jobs with much more knowledge and practical real world experience.  I appreciated your guidance and patience as I learned how to navigate this new territory. I can never say thank you enough.

Thank you again,
Ashley Haripal Brooklyn Law School, J.D. Candidate June 2017

Scott Lanin is an incredible attorney and mentor. He provides excellent advice and is a strong advocate for his clients. I have worked with Scott in the past and he has taught me lifelong skills to help me improve myself and further my career. I highly endorse this attorney.

Samantha Kimmel
St. John’s University School of Law, J.D. 2015 (6/16/16)

Hi Scott,

Scott, I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and support throughout the semester. I learned a lot from working with you over the course of the semester, and I will carry this experience with me as I move forward in my career. I hope to keep in touch!

Dylan Weeks, Brooklyn Law School, Law Review Editor (5/4/16)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you taught me over this past semester. Having the opportunity to work in so many different aspects of the legal profession in such a short period of time was a truly invaluable experience. I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance and hopefully we can stay in touch moving forward!

Evan Hallal, Brooklyn Law School, Juris Doctor Candidate 2017 (5/31/16)

Hi Scott,

First of all, I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year, I hope it was enjoyable. I also wanted to reach out and thank you for such a great semester, I truly learned a lot from working with you. You were more than willing to go out of your way to guide me in my work and provide more than valuable feedback that really allowed me to grow, not only as a law student, but as a future attorney. I wish to remain in touch as I value your advice and guidance and, based on your schedule, it would be great if we could schedule lunch sometime soon! Thank you again, Scott.

Nick Ribaudo, Brooklyn Law School (1/2/16)

Scott, first off I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to intern at Lanin Law P.C. I had a great experience there and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to gain hands on experience. Thank you for making me feel valued and providing me with the experience that I will need after law school. There was also plenty of work to do and I always felt that the work I completed actually mattered. Also, thank you for always being available for guidance whenever I needed it. It is very rare to have a mentoring attorney available for help at all times. Thank you again Scott for the great experience.

Emil Onolfi, Brooklyn Law School, Candidate for Juris Doctor, 2017, Brooklyn Journal of International Law (5/31/16)

My internship at your firm was the exact kind of learning experience I had hoped for. My previous internships have been light on practical legal assignments, with most of the work being solely research based. However, you gave me the opportunity to apply legal research to ongoing cases; allowing me to draft court documents, among other tasks. Your feedback was helpful in improving my research and writing abilities in such a short period of time. Aside from assignments, I enjoyed working with you and Diana because the work environment was both relaxed and professional. I never felt uncertain about a task because of your willingness to provide guidance. I am also very grateful to have had Diana there to help me because I have no doubt that certain projects would been much more difficult. I am sure that future interns will have as rewarding of an experience as I did. Thank you both for everything.

Ashraf (“Sunny”) Donn, Brooklyn Law School (8/24/15)

I had an valuable learning experience at my internship with Scott and Lanin Law P.C. Scott and Mabel were very patient and took the time to teach me everything I needed in order to draft my assignments. As a law student, exposure to practical law skills has been limited and this internship provided a useful perspective into the actual practice of law. Scott and Mabel excel at what they do, and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with them.

Michael Ng, Brooklyn Law School (11/25/14)

Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to intern at your firm this summer. The experience was really wonderful. I truly believe that I learned so much from working at your firm. You and Mabel were always very supportive and patient with me, I always felt like the office was a very positive environment. I really appreciate the variety of work I got to do and the valuable feedback I received as well. From drafting affidavits and answers to going to court, I believe I gained exposure to many useful experiences. Working alongside Mabel was a real pleasure too. Thanks again for making me feel like part of the team and providing a great learning experience!

Jeremy Ancelson, Cardozo Law School (8/17/14)

The past two months have been a very valuable experience for me. I learned more than I ever expected. Scott Lanin was definitely the best supervisor I’ve ever had. He’s very patient and always willing to help. Every time, after I drafted a document, he reviewed it multiple times. Each time, he pointed out the inappropriate parts, and then told me how it should be written and explained why it should be like that. Before interning at Lanin Law P.C. I knew nothing about bankruptcy or foreclosure law. Mr. Lanin walked me through each step of the practice, and taught me the law and rationale behind it. What I learned from him is not only the law and legal theories, but also practical skills of treating clients and running a law office. Additionally, the working environment here is very relaxing.  Paralegal Mabel Jimenez is also very helpful. She is an essential assistant to both Scott and the interns. She kept the office running in order and at the same time made sure that everybody enjoyed their work. I really enjoyed working here and thanks Scott and Mabel for everything!

Ran Bi, Cardozo Law School (8/14/14)

Thank you for this time and giving me the chance to work with you.

Carmen Hidalgo (Visiting Attorney From Spain attending Berkeley College) (6/19/14)

My internship at Scott Lanin’s Law Office was great.  Attorney Scott Lanin is a great teacher and cares about helping clients who need legal advice and help. He always explained what needs to be done and how.  His paralegal, Mabel, is a beautiful person who always assisted when needed.  She always has a great attitude. I wish all workplaces were modeled exactly like this law firm.  If I had a chance to do my internship over again, I would not hesitate to intern at Lanin Law, PC.

Fran Foster (Berkeley College)(4/19/14)


This internship has been an amazing and fulfilling journey! I have learned so much with your law firm, and I am very grateful for this experience. From the beginning, you and Mabel have been imperturbable and diligent instructors. While learning, I also was given a friendly and pleasant environment. I want to thank you, and I definitely want to thank Mabel for all of your help. Mabel has been such a mentor for me in this internship. She is phenomenal! This truly has been life changing for me! Thank you.

Best Regards,
Sarena McCook (Berkeley College)(3/28/14)

Dear Scott,

These past three months have been an extraordinary experience for us. Being an intern isn’t exactly the top of the totem pole in the business world but we both knew that we were a part of something special when you took us on your team. When assignments got tough and tasks seemed difficult, you were still a patient teacher and were never dismissive if we had questions, even those that appeared trivial. We especially respect your choice in hiring Mabel as we have come to realize that she is a talented person and a true trailblazer for the both of us. We both would like to say thank you for taking the time out to train us and bring out great effort in us as well and we certainly hope that your work invested in us will come to fruition someday as we venture out to begin our professional careers. Thank you for everything.

Best Regards,
Debora Pena and James Lusker (Berkeley College)(9/19/13)


Fall 2016

Ankit Kapoor
Brooklyn Law School (3rd yr.)
New York City Police Officer

Diana Rosario
Berkeley College (4th yr.)

Summer 2016

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Ashley Haripal
Brooklyn Law School (2nd yr.)

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Christopher Whelan
Brooklyn Law School (1st yr.)

Spring 2016

Dylan Weeks
Brooklyn Law School (2nd yr.)

Evan Hallal
Brooklyn Law School (2nd yr.)

Winter 2015

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Nicholas Ribaudo
Brooklyn Law School (Entering 2nd Yr.)


Emil Onolfi
Brooklyn Law School (Entering 2nd Yr.)

Summer 2015


Ashraf (Sunny) Donn
Brooklyn Law School (Entering 3rd Yr.)


Chase MacCleod
Brooklyn Law School (Entering 2d Yr.)

Fall 2014 – Winter 2015

Samantha P. Kimmel
St. John’s Univ. School of Law, 3rd Yr.

Jamila Pratt, Berkeley College
(Former Corrections Officer)

Fall 2014


Jennifer Barranco
Berkeley College

Michael Ng
Brooklyn Law School, 3rd Yr.

Summer 2014

Jeremy Ancelson
Cardozo Law School (Entering 3rd Yr.)

Ran Bi
Cardozo Law School (Entering 3rd Yr.)

Spring 2014

Carmen Hidalgo
Attorney From Spain Attending Berkeley College

Winter 2014

Fran Foster
Berkeley College

Sarena McCook
Berkeley College

Fall 2013

Sharon Ramirez
Berkeley College

Kira Simmons
Berkeley College

Summer 2013


James Lusker
Berkeley College Pre-Law
(Former US Navy)

Kira Simmons
Berkeley College

Spring 2013


Nickigh Jackson
Berkeley College,
(Active Sergeant US Army Reserves &
Former Virginia State Police Officer)

Spring 2013  Nadege Dessources, Berkeley College

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Eleanor McCarthur – Berkeley College
Melissa Quinnones – Berkeley College

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Marina Gevorgyan- Berkeley College
Shirnaree Evans – Berkeley College

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Desiree Ossa – Berkeley College

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Melissa Mohammed – Berkeley College
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Jennifer Meija – Berkeley College

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Leslie Sambula – Bronx Community College

Fall 2009
Sabena Oberoi – Berkeley College, Fall 2009