We are equally comfortable representing individuals in small cases or large corporate clients in multi-million dollar cases. From private business professionals and small start-ups to large national and international corporations, our clients trust us to handle disputes that affect the core of their business or financial lives. Some of the larger clients that we have represented include banks, lenders, mortgage companies, equipment and vehicle lessors, equipment dealers, auto finance companies, and major corporations.

If you need legal assistance with a dispute or lawsuit, contact us online or call Scott Lanin, Esq. at (212) 764-7250 Ext.201. We offer a free phone consult to review and evaluate your case or you can schedule an office consult.

We provide our legal services to business owners and business professionals in the State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts throughout New York. We routinely appear in courts in the 5 boros of New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), Westchester and Rockland Counties.  We have handled cases in other counties like Sullivan, Dutchess, Albany and even Franklin, along the Canadian border. We have also handled appeals to the Appellate Division and Circuit Court of Appeals.

We aggressively protect your interests while always keeping your litigation budget in mind. Our primary goal is to find the solution that works best for you and makes economic sense. That may involve “going to the mat” and doing battle in court, negotiating a settlement out of court, or handling an arbitration or mediation to try to streamline the process of dispute resolution. We know that you want to avoid litigation and we will help you present a strong posture for settlement. The best way to negotiate a fair settlement is to let your adversary know that you are prepared and ready to litigate if necessary. We do our best to avoid litigation for our clients but when it becomes necessary, we give it everything we’ve got to help protect our client’s interests.

We handle all phases of civil litigation in business and real estate matters including drafting pleadings, complex discovery (including document production, interrogatories, and depositions), motion practice (including motions to dismiss and for summary judgment), trials, appeals, enforcement of judgments and supplementary proceedings.


We have a broad civil litigation practice involving a wide range of business and legal issues:

Accountant’s Liability
Action to Sell Real Estate To Satisfy Judgments
Asset, Collateral & Leased Asset and Equipment Recovery
Bond Claims
Business & Real Estate
Accounts Stated
Actions to Quiet Title
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Violations
Arbitration & Mediation
Appeals from State, Federal and Bankruptcy Court cases
Banking and Commercial Loan Document Enforcement & Defense
Boundary Line Disputes
Brokers & Commissions Disputes
Civil Rights – Section 1983 Actions
Collection – Debts, Loans & Receivables
Contract Disputes (Breach)
Constitutional Claims – Civil Rights
Co-op and Condo Disputes
Corporate-Partnership-Limited Liability Company- Business Litigation
Corporate Governance & Board Disputes
Credit Card Disputes
Damage to Property
Declaratory Judgments
Defamation – Slander and Libel, Internet Postings
Deficiency Balances
Discharge of Ancient Mortgages
Diversion/Waste of Corporate Assets
Easement Disputes
Equipment Leasing
Emergency Relief – Injunctions & Temporary Restraining Orders
Fiduciary Duty Claims – Business, Partners, Board Members, Lenders
Fraud & Misrepresentation
Fraudulent Conveyance Law (NY Debtor Creditor Law)
Insurance Contract Disputes and Premium Lapses
Internet – Domain Law (ACPA Litigation/ICANN Arbitration)
Landlord – Tenant Eviction, Nonpayment, and Holdover Proceedings
Lease Disputes – Residential & Commercial
Lien Law Disputes
Limited Liability Company Disputes
Mortgage Loan Modification & Debt Workouts
Mechanics’ Liens
Mortgage Foreclosure
Non-Compete Agreements
Orders of Seizure (Replevin) & Attachment
Partition of Real Estate
Partnership Disputes
Predatory Lending & Lender Liability
Promissory Estoppel
Quantum Meruit
Real Estate Litigation – Contracts, Condos-Coops, Partition, etc
Restrictive Covenants
Settlement Negotiations – Installment Agreements & Confessions Of Judgment
Shareholder Disputes and Derivative Actions
Specific Performance
Tax Lien Foreclosure
Title Disputes
Uniform Commercial Code & Security Agreements
Unjust Enrichment
Warranty Claims