Outside Counsel – Advice

One of the most important parts of your business team is your Outside Counsel. An Outside Counsel gives your business the opportunity to have legal review of contracts and transactions to help you avoid the legal minefield and costly mistakes. We routinely provide a range of services and advice varying from simple matters to complex legal issues. Lanin Law P.C. has worked as Outside Counsel to companies as large H.O. Penn Machinery Co., the largest dealer of Caterpillar construction equipment on the entire East Coast (which supplied the generators used to rebuild The World Trade Center). Lanin Law P.C. has served as counsel to banks, lending organizations and many business owners in different industries. Lanin Law P.C. has represented a variety of businesses from sole proprietorships to LLCs, partnerships, and large corporations. Whether you are unhappy with your current Outside Counsel or you do not have one yet, please call us for a free and confidential phone consultation. We want to help make your company as successful as it can be.

If you have questions about Outside Counsel, contact us online or call Scott Lanin, Esq. at (212) 764-7250 Ext.201. We offer a free phone consult to review and evaluate your matter or you can schedule an office consult.