You know that if you have a legal or financial problem, the best thing to do is to deal with it. You’ll feel much less stressed. Sometimes, clients ignore these type of problems because they don’t know what to do or they don’t think that they can afford legal help.  Many are surprised to learn that they actually have an affordable solution.  We hear new clients tell us frequently that they wish they had hired us sooner.  It never makes sense to delay when you have a legal problem.

If you ignore a bill or invoice, there are serious consequences, including an account stated and damaged credit.
If you ignore a summons, the consequences can be worse, including a default judgment, which can lead to the loss or restraint of your assets.  You are also not entitled to notice of what happens in an action if you fail to “appear” by answering a summons.  At the very least, a defendant should have an attorney file and serve a notice of appearance and monitor and track the action. You must respond to a summons within 20 days if you were served personally, unless your attorney gets you an extension. If you have a claim against someone else, the statute of limitations is ticking away and delaying may mean that your claim will become time-barred.

The source of your stress is not always the legal or financial problem.  It is the uncertainty that comes with it. Once you speak to an experienced attorney and review your legal options, you may immediately feel relieved. There is not always a great solution for every client but at least you will know what to do and how to plan. And for many new clients, there is a solution. Often one that they didn’t even know about or fully understand. The best thing to do is to explore your options with us. Learn what you can do, what it will cost, how long it will take, and then make an educated decision about your strategy and course of action

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