Press Release:  Attorney Scott Lanin has taught a course for Access MCLE on New York Foreclosure Defense.   The course will be available in the Fall of 2018 to attorneys in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Virigina.  In New York, experienced lawyers are required to take 24 hours of continuing legal education every two years in order to fulfill the State’s biennial requirements to maintain their law licenses.  The requirement is 32 hours for newly admitted attorneys. Attorneys who register and take Mr. Lanin’s course will receive CLE credit towards their State bar requirements.  The course covers all facets of foreclosure law for attorneys representing owners of residential and commercial properties.

Key course points are:

  1. Introduction To Judicial Mortgage Foreclosure In New York
  2. Various Players Lenders, Borrowers, Bankruptcy Trustees, Receivers
  3. Evaluating A New Defense Case
  4. Reviewing Options and Remedies
  5. Foreclosure/Real Estate Rescue Scam Industry
  6. What Is Foreclosure?
  7. Applicable Laws
  8. Researching Caselaw
  9. Judicial Foreclosure Process
  10. Receivership
  11. Discovery/Trial Prep
  12. Motion To Stay A Sale
  13. Loan Modification
  14. Modification Attorneys or Consultants Compared to Litigation Attorneys
  15. Final Thoughts On Approaching a Foreclosure Defense Case For a New Client



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