NEW YORK, N.Y. – Success! Lanin Law P.C. was able to successfully prevent the sale of a corporate client’s 17 unit 4 floor rental property in the Bronx.  The client came to us on a Thursday to try to stop a foreclosure sale that was scheduled for the following Monday at 2pm in a tax lien foreclosure action pending in the Bronx Supreme Court.  The client had been working with the city on a tax exemption and also with a lender for a refinance but needed more time.  We met with the client on a late Thursday evening and again the next morning on Friday and we drafted an emergency order to show cause.  We organized and assembled the exhibits (our documentary proof) and Scott Lanin personally took the papers to the Supreme Court on Friday afternoon.  The ex parte clerk was not happy but our client had the right to be heard. We had already discussed the case with the attorney for the tax lienholder and he said that he would not oppose the application for a TRO. Despite this, the court denied the TRO request and instead scheduled an emergency hearing for Monday morning, just hours before the sale.  Scott Lanin went to the Supreme Court on Monday with his clients and the plaintiff sent a local per diem attorney that we actually knew.  Over the weekend, we stressed to our client that it needed to get a firm loan commitment letter from its lender to prove that the refi was probable.  By Monday morning, our client had received the letter and forwarded it to Scott’s email.  In the courtroom, Scott forwarded it to the opposing counsel.  After several conferences in chambers, we worked out an adjournment of the sale to give our client the opportunity to close on the refinancing and save the property.  Our client was thrilled with the result!